3D Crystal Lacquer Basic Techniques

1-A) Outline image: outline every image you want to raise, and let it dry.
2) Fill inside the outlined image.(Keep adequate spaces between the image.)
            3) Raise Images: Re-apply 3D Crystal Lacquer over the dry areas to raise levels

1) Wavy images such as flag or fabric, are raised wherever the color appears to lightest.
2) Rounded images are raised the highest in areas that curve towards you. Areas that recede or are away from you can be outlined only.


3) Use Soft-bristled paintbrush to apply a final layer to the spaces between the images.

4) Background images. If a background image is black or white, it shouldn’t be lacquered. If a background has strong strokes, apply a thin coat of lacquer with a painting brush, following the brush stroke on the picture.