Fisnished Product                                                         Sakura Glue & Glaze

Before the fun begins, be sure to have at least one of these items with you!

1) One clear colored cell phone case               2) One color choice of Sakura Glue & Glaze
3) Accesorie Pieces (optional)                          4) Righnestones (optional)
5) Righestone Picker                                        6) Small Cotton Swabs

1) Preperation

Have your blank phone case
 prepared to be customize.
Have at least one Sakura Glue

 & Glaze color to work with.

2) Cordination

Begin to have an idea of what kind
cordination you will follow.
Start to place orniments and
or a few righestones on the case.

3) Creating the Border

Take you Sakura Glue &
Glaze and begin to squeeze
the glaze onto the edges of
the phone.
Begin the process
of placing the righesones on
the glue. If you have a righestone
picker, it  maybe easier.
This creates a nice righestone
border for you.

4) Start gluing the orniment
Larger one first

If you have any accesories,
make sure to place them
onto the phone now. You
should have 3-5 accessory
pieces.Secure them over
your Sakura Glue & Glaze.

5) Filling in the smaller righestones
and glaze

Begin to coat the phone with
your Sakura Glue and glaze.
Be sure NOT to cover your
or accessories.
You should  begin to see the
phone being covered in a
beautiful glaze of color.


6) You are done!

Let it dry for up to 24 - 48 hours.
You have completed the
tutorial and now have a
unique and one of a kind
phone case!