Instructions - Gem Crafts - Swirl Technique


Before You Start
Make sure there is enough ventilation.  Do not shake 3D Crystal Lacquer.   Shaking will produce air bobbles and stay on you art.

Procedures - Application of 3D Crystal Lacquer Metallic or Peal Colors
Apply first color by filling in coner of jewelry finding.  With next coat, make a line beneath the first color.  Follow the next color beneath the previous color.  Continue in this manner until you have filled in the entire jewelry finding with 3D Crystal Lacquer Metallic or Pearl Color

Procedures - Swirling Technique
* Use the wooden stylus to draw a diagonal line from one corner of the jewelry finding to the other,  pulling each color through the other lines.    Repeat this maneuver until you have made about 4 parallel lines
* Then, starting at the opposite corner with the stylus, make lines BETWEEN the 4 lines you have   just created.  This concludes the swirling process. 

* Allow to dry overnight.  Apply coat of Clear-3D Crystal Lacquer  to bring out the brilliant shine and color of your work of art and allow to dry overnight.

* Congratulation!  You are done.  Attach your new, one-of-a-kind jewelry piece to a necklace chain, pin or key chain and give as a gift or wear and show it off to your friends !                             

Another way to do this project
You can make this same jewelry piece by randomly filling the jewelry finding with your favorite colors of 3D Crystal Lacquer.  Three or four colors will do.  Then, with your stylus, swirl the colors together however you wish.  Make sure three to five swirls and then stop.  With this project, less is definitely more.  Follow the rest of the above instructions from 7 to 8.  Experiment with all of your favorite colors, or have  a jewelry making party with friends !