3D Crystal Lacquer
The well known and US patented 3D Crystal Lacquer is the first of its kind in the craft industry to enhance your jewelry and art with 3-dimensional effects.

Gem Crafts
Using our Jewelry Findings, Gem Particles, and Gem Craft Kits, you can create the most beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry with your own style.

Sakura Decorative Ribbons
Self-Adhesive. Length: 4 Feet.

Sakura Glue & Glaze
Sakura glue & glaze is a heavy duty adhesive, which permanently sticks to any object. Because it is a water based and acid free glaze, it can also be used to create a beautiful, pearl color finish for your surface.

Terri Sproul's Mixers
Exciting and easy to create beautiful and vibrant iridescent paints with mixture of New Jewel Effects Powder with 3D Crystal Lacquer. All Colors indicated below are result from mixing Jewel Effects Mica Powders with 3D Crystal Lacquer

Yuzen Paper
Yuzen is the traditional Japanese pattern using beautiful kimono designs. Yuzen Paper is made with high-quality traditional materials and designs with modern technologies. Yuzen Paper Sets come with six (6) beautiful Yuzen Papers. Size: 8"11" each.


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