3D Crystal Lacquer

3D Crystal Lacquer - Clear
This 3D Crystal Lacquer is crystal clear, so you can create beautiful handmade jewelry or bring artwork to stunning, three-dimensional life with ease.

3D Crystal Lacquer - Clear - Thick
It is thick. Apply 3D Crystal Lacquer - Thick on 3D objects such as egg crafts, doll crafts, Candle Crafts, and many more...

3D Crystal Lacquer - Color
These 3D Crystal Lacquer sets add color while remaining transparent. You can create an amazing three-dimensional effect with beautiful color without losing the original image.

Applicator Pen and Tip Sets enhance your use of 3D Crystal Lacquer.

Metallic & Pearl - 3 Color - 1oz x 3
These vibrant metallic and pearl color 3D Crystal Lacquer sets create the most gorgeous jewelry and 3D Crystal Art.

Metallic & Pearl - 3 Color - Pen Style Applicators

Metallic / Pearl / Glitter - 6 Color SDet - Pen Style Applicators